Strippers in a 42x53 frame


Sex, drugs and comic books! 

Dimensions: 53.00x42.00x6.00 cm
Weight: 4000.00 g


'Stripclub' (2018)

For the first time (that we know of..!) comic artists of Amsterdam were invited to sell their books & prints... at night! Hosted by event venue BAUT (Spaandammerbuurt /West), starting at 6pm 'til late on 28th of September 2018. Big thanks & appreciation to Chad in Amsterdam for co-parenting Stripclub - when's the next one, eh?


Riso printed by the artist, AGALAB, Amsterdam
Framing by Van Waterloo Lijsterij, Amsterdam

Single posters are available for sale too, bugaboo! Send me a pigeon note.

Shipping prices are negotiable (if you live in Amsterdam, I may deliver it personally!)