A2 Riso Print


Learn everything you need to know about the eviction of ADM - the famous 'free-zone' of Amsterdam!

Dimensions: 59.40x0.05x42.00 cm
Weight: 90.00 g


HET GORE LEF is the first story produced in the City Illustrator of Amsterdam series.

You'll be pleasantly disguised by this true story about the eviction of ADM - the famous squatted terrein of the west habour of Amsterdam. Featuring wacky characters from the city council like Mayor 'Valsema'! And don't overlook 'Tante Nan', she represents the extreme right party in Amsterdam - Forum voor 'Demonen'!

Wanna know more about ADM? Read my research behind the comic HERE

Printed at Kaboem Offset, Amsterdam
2 colour risograph print: red, black
Edition 200 copies 

***signed & numbered*** 



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