Riso Print 'Nepnieuws'


NEWSFLASH! Dutch celebrities are desperate for your attention!

Dimensions: 31.00x0.50x44.00 cm
Weight: 43.00 g


Dutch celebrities are starving for your attention... don't let them suffer!! 

NEPNIEUWS is a steady stream of terrible corona jokes inspired by the news during the "intelligent" lockdown in the Netherlands, April 2020.

Printed in AGALAB, Amsterdam
4 colour risograph print: fluorescent orange, red, blue, black
Edition 39 copies ***signed & numbered***

Originally, this comic was coloured digitally for the Amsterdam Alternative: pre-corona times the 'AA' is a physical bi-monthly newspaper, now continuing as an online magazine, with a strong focus on city politics, free space and autonomy. Click to read the Corona Edition - April-May 2020 on ISSUU.



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