Bitch mini comic


Bitch is on the lookout for CUM providers in this educational 'Chick Tract'.

Dimensions: 12.50x7.00x1.00 cm
Weight: 60.00 g


Mini-comic: 24 pages, riso print b/w, self-published
Second print edition: 200 

Originally published in Parking Lot magazine. November 2018, Amsterdam.

Rob Clough review on his blog High Low Comics - here's a sippet -

" Bitch, an unforgiving and all-powerful figure, gets all of her prey to submit. That includes the Straw Feminist, a hilarious parody of what InCel-types purport to be feminist beliefs. The end includes the typical Chick "who will you choose" features and instructions on the "one way to fuck"... "

A tribute to the Chick Tract format and layout. Millions of evangelical booklets have and continue to circulate across the United States and parts of Canada. Jack T. Chick passed in 2016 but his legacy lives on...