Huge Ass print


Previously exhibited in the City Archives building in Amsterdam!

Dimensions: 110.00x156.00x0.00 cm
Weight: 0.00 g


TUIG VAN DE RICHEL is the second story produced in the City Illustrator of Amsterdam series.

You'll be blown away by this true story about the undocumented migrants of Amsterdam. Featuring alderman Rutger Groot-Wassink's plans to intergrate migrants into the neighbourhood, all jam packaged in typical Dutch King's Day orange extravagance! This one-of-a-kind enlarged print was first exhibited in the group show Stad in Zicht (City Archives Amsterdam, 2019).

Do you want to know more about undocumented migrants in Amsterdam? Read my research behind the comic HERE

Digitally printed & secured to a metal plate (with hanging system) by de Verbeelding, Purmerend

This huge ass print requires more logistics in terms of delivery so please get in touch to discuss the details.