B1 Poster


Hey Bitch!

Dimensions: 100.00x70.00x0.01 cm
Weight: 3000.00 g


Vote for a woman - it's the order of the day!

This poster was especially created for the project Algemene Beschouwingen based in Den Bosch, NL. She has made an appearance on the streets of Den Bosch, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Zwolle..! For the first time, a wide audience has learnt of the existance of Bitch. Her legacy lives on in the photographs you've collected (see them HERE in my blog) and the NRC newspaper article (also HERE in my blog!). We can only conclude that it won't be long before Bitch takes over the country... and then... the world!

*** SIGNED ***


This product is shipped in a cylinder and does not fit through the mailbox.

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