Bitch Comic Book


3rd Edition: Bitch Knows. She just does! 

Dimensions: 28.00x20.00x0.50 cm
Weight: 120.00 g
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The 2018 classic comic book featuring your worst nightmare - BITCH - is back on sale for your immediate consumption!! Don't miss out on these 32 pages of TOTAL ANNIHILATION!! 

The 3rd edition includes 2 NEW pages, an endless pattern on the inner cover and some small tweeks... But best of all - the Autograph Page is clearly marked, and there is a price card attached: €30 will get you a personalized horror-cartoon-autograph from Matches' herself! Go a'head: TREAT YO'SELF to some more MISERY! We'll work out the details later! 


New edition of 100 copies
Risograph printed at Terry Bleu, Amsterdam
Cover printed at KNUST, Nijmegen
Self-published (and therefore probably not perfect), 2018, 2021 & 2023


Not convinced?? Watch the video preview of Bitch Knows Best on YouTube

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