Framed riso print


Put something pretty on your wall!

Dimensions: 70.00x50.00x4.00 cm
Weight: 4000.00 g


'Jubilieum Plantage Dok' (2018)

Plantage Dok celebrated a beautiful 20 years of existence in 2018. To celebrate, I drew a manicured lizard. He looks you right in the eye, and says: "Yeah, we squatted the building, are you coming by?" 

Children, this is a clear reference to the squatting protocols of the 80's & 90's! "[...] It became conventional for squatters to call the police after occupying a building and if the police were satisfied that the building had been empty for more than a year and that the squatters were living there (as evidenced by having a chair, a table and a bed) then the owner would need to make a courtcase to regain possession." Wikipedia: Squatting in the Netherlands


Riso print by Drukkerij Kaboem, Amsterdam
Framing by Van Waterloo Lijsterij, Amsterdam 

Single posters are available for sale too, bugaboo! Send me a pigeon note.

Shipping prices are negotiable (if you live in Amsterdam, I may deliver it personally!)