Pitchfork in a 50x70 frame


A framed poster is just what you need!

Dimensions: 70.00x50.00x4.00 cm
Weight: 4000.00 g


'Behoud Lutkemeer' (2019) 

The legendary pitchfork poster represented a loyal campaign to save the fertile ground of the Lutkemeer polder, located in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The poster was glued to every electrical box and lamp post in the city - it was pretty hard to miss! This batch of land is STILL in jeopardy of losing its communal purpose and it's become increasingly clear that the city council would sooner see the land used for warehouses and a big grey block which will serve as a distribution-centre for Schiphol. That is totally unnecessary! Sad!

Download the latest developments around the Lutkemeer campaign in the recently published digital newspaper.

FYI: the second poster was put into circulation at the beginning of 2020, you'll find filed under posters!


Riso print by Drukkerij Kaboem, Amsterdam
Framing by Van Waterloo Lijsterij, Amsterdam

Single posters are available for sale too, bugaboo! Send me a pigeon note.

Shipping prices are negotiable (if you live in Amsterdam, I may deliver it personally!)