Not gonna lie - finding material to further my research on South African artists from half a century ago is not an easy task, made more difficult during winter lockdown. No matter...! Here is a list of books I am scrolling for information regarding Thami Mnyele and Bill Hart (I will update this list as the research continues).

Private collection -

  • Thami Mnyele + MEDU Art Ensemble Retrospective by Diana Wylie, 2008

Collection Zuid Afrikahuis Amsterdam -

  • Art and artists of South Africa : an illustrated biographical dictionary and historical survey of painters & graphic artists since 1875 by Esmé Berman, 1975
  • Cecil Skotnes by Frieda Harmsen, 1996
  • The dictionary of South African painters and sculptors, including Namibia by Grania Ogilvie, 1988   
  • Contemporary African art in South Africa by E.J. De Jager, 1973
  • Land and lives : a story of early black artists by Elza Miles, 1997 
  • The art of life in South Africa by Daniel Magaziner, 2016
  • Images of Defiance: South African Resistance Posters of the 1980s, The Poster Book Collective (South African History Archive), 1991
  • Red on Black: The Story of the South African Poster Movement by Judy Seidman, 2007
  • The Night Keeps Winking, print book by Thami Mnyele and Mongane Serote, 1985

Collection African Arts and Theory Amsterdam -Meduv6n1.jpg

  • Visual Century South African Art in Context, Volume one (1907-1948) and Volume two (1945-1976), Wits University Press, 2011
Books that I am still trying to track down -
  • Polly Street: the Story of an Art Center by Elza Miles, which includes an educational supplement titled Looking for no.1 Polly Street by Helene Smuts