Reading list for better understanding South African artists Thami Mnyele and Bill Hart and the politics of their time. This list will be updated over time. Crossed out titles have been returned to the source.

Private collection -

  • Thami Mnyele + MEDU Art Ensemble Retrospective by Diana Wylie, 2008
  • The Initiation (graphic novel) by Mogorosi Motshumi, 2016
  • Drawn Lines by Judy Ann Seidman, 2017

Donation from comic artist Albo Helm -

  • SPEAK magazine, Vol 1 No.4, July/August 1978
  • SPEAK magazine, Vol 1 No.3, May/June 1978
  • Staffrider magazine, Vol 1 No.3, July/August 1978
  • Staffrider magazine, Vol 2 No.1, March 1979
  • Staffrider magazine, Vol 5 No.2, 1982 (this one has a couple articles in it regarding the Botswana Festival which Thami was a significant part of!)
  • Staffrider magazine, Vol 5 No.3, 1983

Collection Zuid Afrikahuis Amsterdam -

  • Art and artists of South Africa : an illustrated biographical dictionary and historical survey of painters & graphic artists since 1875 by Esmé Berman, 1975
  • Cecil Skotnes by Frieda Harmsen, 1996
  • The dictionary of South African painters and sculptors, including Namibia by Grania Ogilvie, 1988   
  • Contemporary African art in South Africa by E.J. De Jager, 1973
  • Land and lives : a story of early black artists by Elza Miles, 1997 
  • The art of life in South Africa by Daniel Magaziner, 2016
  • Images of Defiance: South African Resistance Posters of the 1980s, The Poster Book Collective (South African History Archive), 1991
  • Red on Black: The Story of the South African Poster Movement by Judy Seidman, 2007
  • The Night Keeps Winking, print book by Thami Mnyele and Mongane Serote, 1985
  • Ba Ye Zwa the people live by Judy Seidman, 1978
  • Facelift Apartheid by Judy Seidman, 1980
  • Black Theology The South African Voice edited by Basil Moore, 1973 
  • Dumile Feni by Prince Mbusi Dube, 2010
  • The Soweto Uprisings: Counter-memories of June 1976 by Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu
  • Soweto Blues by Gwen Ansell, 2004

Collection African Arts and Theory Amsterdam -Meduv6n1.jpg

  • Visual Century South African Art in Context, Volume one (1907-1948) and Volume two (1945-1976), Wits University Press, 2011
Books that I am still trying to track down -
If you wish to help me track down more reference books, please send me a pigeon note! Thank you!