What's that smell? It could only be...


THE SEX ORGANS have landed on your planet! They traveled light-years across the universe on a mission to planet earth to bring YOU their special inter-galactic brand of SEX&ROLL. Primitive pounding drums, wild screeching guitars and shameless lyrics! 

Don’t hesitate to pick up this record and give it a spin. It will have you jumping all over the place! Listen and shiver to actual live encounters with real humans! Meanwhile, relive their epic adventure through the one and only: ”SEX ORGANS - MISSION TO EARTH!” board game! Be a SEX ORGAN yourself and get ready to turn-on the world! Be the proud owner of this incredible testimony and make the world a sexier place!

The SEX ORGANS flew their spacecraft to Italy and invaded Outside Inside Studios, captured and tortured the engineer Matt Bordin to record an alien noise masterpiece. From Italy they beamed themselves to Switzerland's Voodoo Rhythm Records Headquarters to spread their amazing tunes around the world with the help of E.T. lover and sympathizer Reverend Beat-Man!

Sex_Organs_NL.jpgThis record is not just one song following the next, but more of a series of episodic encounters including eye-witness accounts of the first sightings of the SEX ORGANS and special reports following the world's reaction to one of the most important events in Human history. The LP also includes a CD and a sexy A2 poster! Futuristic Primitive Rock n' Roll Trash Garage Science Mono as Fuck!!! 


Game & Skits concept by The Sex Organs
Voice-overs by Chris Rosales
Game art work by Maia Matches
Photography by Mischa Scherrer