Maia's silkscreen print commissioned by Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch is creating a stir in the south! Read all about it here...

Based on a sketch of Death of the Miser by Jheronimus Bosch, the print features alt-right media heads Tucker Carlson (formally of Fox News) and Matt Walsh (the Daily Wire). Transphoob du jour, Kellie-Jay Keen appears in the image, as does sex-trafficker Andrew Tate and the controversial "too sexy" M&M. Enter the bedroom of some of the worst grifting kings and queens I've had the uncomfortable task of researching! 

Fret not! Bitch is lurking at the door, she is the Grim Reaper of Social Injustice! 

She'll put an end to all of this nonsense... won't she??

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forever obsessed with the alt-right

The main source of inspiration for this print was Matt Walsh's so-called documentary What is a Woman (watch it on the free steaming site, it is otherwise available to view on Twitter despite being rejected by Facebook/YouTube/Instagram). 

In the film, Walsh attempts to find the ideal answer to the title question. He speaks with many different people but  - spoiler! - it's his wife who answers perfectly at the end of the film: "a woman is an adult human female" while passing Walsh a jar of pickles for him (a man) to open for her (a woman) - yikes. YouTuber Lily Alexandre responds to the Matt Walsh definition of woman in their video essay What Are Women?  (skip ahead to chapter 3: Why Define Women? 22:47). Lily debunks those 3 little words and it is oh-so-satisfying!

Back to Matt Walsh's awful film. I cringed HARD when Walsh flies to Kenya to speak to the Maasai tribe who practice "Emuratare"; a ceremony that initiates young Maasai girls into adulthood through ritual circumcision, proceeded by an arranged marriage. Walsh ignores this completely, conveniently opting instead to use the Maasai binary beliefs to show his audience that - even in Africa! - gender dysphoria doesn't exist. NB: the film is full of "gotcha" moments that should convince everyone that this is not a real documentary.

Kellie-Jay Keen's transphobic campaign "Let Woman Speak" circles around the the very same definition that Walsh uses: woman = adult, human, female. To make matters worse, KJK clearly identifies as a TERF (= Trans Exclusionary Racial Feminist). In true TERF style, KJK's rallies people together to agree on "keeping men out of women's toilets". This is an unnecessary attack on transwomen, who are OBVIOUSLY women (if they identify as such) and - most importantly - should be allowed to use the women's toilets (and changing rooms). 

KJK weaves transphobia into all of her statements, be it by literally calling herself a TERF or reassuring everyone that she is simply "standing up for women" (but NEVER transwomen). Ultimately, it is transphobia that connects her the worst kind of people: neo-nazi's. They have shown up to her rallies time and time again. Evidence can be found in the news, but if you would like to do a deep dive into how this all came about, I recommend the vlog Kellie-Jay & the Neo-Nazi's by Shaun. 

Just as we were printing the final layers of the silkscreen at Grafisch Atelier in July, several bizarre things happened: Elon Musk decided to change the Twitter logo, Tucker Carlson spent 2 hours gushing over Andrew Tate in an interview, while wearing almost identical attire and the FVA announced that Kellie-Jay Keen is to appear in Utrecht for one of her intolerable 'Let Women Speak' rally's

Look, - mediaheads like Elon Musk and social media influencers like Andrew Tate have disproportionately big platforms at their disposal and they don't waste a single opportunity to spread misinformation and misogyny. Being as they are also grifters, they aim to SELL you fabricated information, lining their pockets with money while attacking the transgender community - I feel ill!

Be careful out there on the web, dear readers. Think critically about the messages you are receiving from the media. Look to Forum voor Anarchisme (in Dutch) for more information on current transphobic hate-speech. And lastly - love trans people!

presenting the material

A presentation of 'A Bigot's Boudoir' was held on July 27, 2023 at Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch in the Netherlands. Photos © Angélica Vis © Mieke van Schaik 

A selection of original prints & drawings are showing in Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch until September 30th - don't miss it!  


Maia Matches' hypermoderne interpretatie van Jheronimus Bosch 'de Dood van een Vrek' is de nieuwe jaarprent van het Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch
Kunstenaar Maia Matches onthult haar jaarprent voor het Grafisch Atelier

// Fonk Magazine // 
Maia Matches creëert jaarprent voor het Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch

// Print Matters //
Maia Matches maakt hypermoderne interpretatie van Jheronimus Bosch ‘De dood van een vrek’

// Brabants Dagblad // see image below
Sneer naar rechtse rakkers op z’n Jheronimus Bosch’ met spotprent Maia Matches

published in het brabantse dagblad, 15-8-23

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