A graphic novel depicting the three main perspectives of modern squatting in the Netherlands - the squatter, the police agent, de lawyer - and, to be clear - the CITY!


Proud to announce my first official publication! I have respresented the squatter's perspective in one third of the graphic novel de Kraker, de Agent, de Jurist & de Stad

The book was launched in a debate format discussing housing issues and vacancy in Amsterdam. Presented on May 13, 2014 in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

Sponsored by the Creative Industry Fund, the Foundation of Democracy and Media, the Culture Foundation of Prince Bernard, Amsterdam Art Foundation and Stichting Mediaridders.

'De Kraker, de Agent, de Jurist en de Stad' - Scripted by Moira van Dijk, Jasmijn Snoijink and Marieke Aafjes. Illustrated by Maia Matches, Aart Taminiau and Sjoerd Sproets.

ISBN 978 90 5492 421 0 | sewn bound | ca. 144 p. | € 19.90 


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